Monday, June 25, 2007

13 June 2007

Yesterday, I just return home from a chalet at Orchird Country Club near Yishun. I fall asleep straight away because I was dead beat. Today, I woke up at 10am after I recieved a short message service from a friend of mine. He told me to go out with him to another chalet. I asked him when was it and he said that it was in the evening. I had to promised him because he was my best friend. Despite of my tiredness, I still went to the chalet with him. I was quite depressed at first. But after a few game of bowling I feel relaxed and started to enjoy the day. We had a lot of fun playing bowling and snooker. We play untill we were hungry and we would eat fried rice with chilli, together. It was a waste if I turned down his invitation to the chalet. I thanke him on my way back home for giving me a great day and also I thanked him for being such a good friend.

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